On becoming a versatilist

This week I ran a session on why being a versatilist is going to be key to solving some of the worlds wicked problems and help us build a smarter planet.

The idea was to introduce the concept of versatilism and explain the versatilist manifesto. More important however was to get people actually thinking about solving problems in ways they might not have previously done by getting them to make connections between things they would not usually expect to do. To this end we have something we call versatilist cards (or v-cards) that pose different thinking models in order to encourage new ideas. Here’s an example of one of the v-cards:

We split into teams and allowed each team to choose a v-card and use it to think about a wicked problem and see if they could come up with some interesting and novel ways to solve it. In this particular session, because of time constraints, they were given the problem. In a longer session I would expect they could come up with their own. Finally a nominated person from each team presented their ideas.

As a first attempt at this sort of thing it seemed to work. I am hoping that some people who attended the event and come and visit this blog may comment and feedback their thoughts and ideas on how it went. It is definitely something I would like to see developed for helping teams solve real-life wicked problems.

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