What do we do for a living?

What do we do for a living?  That’s the question that Seth Godin asked in one of his TED talks.

What do the people that actually read (and write) this blog do for a living?

We might say that we write software, or design products, or create media, or sell solutions, but I want to take up Seth’s argument – that NO, we don’t do any of these things, we all do the same thing:

We try to change everything

Yes, everything.  We find a bit of the status-quo, the same-old same-old, something that isn’t quite right, doesn’t quite fit, something we don’t like and we change it, we try to make big permanent important change.


Try these three questions, share them, spread them, write them on a card, apply them every day:

  • Who exactly are you upsetting?
  • Who are you connecting?
  • Who are you leading?

If our primary job is to challenge the status-quo then we must be upsetting someone – someone who wants to maintain the status quo… why, what’s in it for them? Try and understand, try and get them on board with the ‘new’ status-quo you are proposing.

Yes you have an idea, but who are you connecting around the idea?   How are you connecting them, how are you making a tribe?

Who are you leading – the Beatles didn’t create teenagers, they were all ready there, waiting to be led,  who is your ‘teenager’ tribe?

Or abbreviate and try the three C’s, which I think this summarises versatilism beautifully:

Challenge, Connect, Commit

One Comment on “What do we do for a living?”

  1. […] Software architecture is not so much about what you create as what you want to change. See What do we do for a living? […]

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