Multiple Intelligences

In last week’s blog the question was raised: How do I become a versatilist?  What a fantastic question!

That got me thinking!  On re-reading the manifesto I began to notice that we are aspiring to cultivate multiple intelligences.  Intellectual intelligence will only get us so far, but it would seem that versatilist behaviour is also about cultivating and growing our emotional and social intelligence.

This is not a new idea, but is one we sometimes forget!  Howard Gardner has written about, and classified several other intelligences, including: linguistic, musical, and spatial-visual, and is a leader in the field of ‘thought-leadership’, especially education. Daniel Goleman has written and taught extensively about emotional intelligence and leadership, research showing that the highest performing teams are those with high emotional and social intelligence – not those with the highest IQ!

So maybe one approach to becoming more versatile is to focus on enhancing and cultivating our emotional intelligence and social intelligence and change the way that we connect in the world.

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