Free the your inner Genie

It is at this time each year, around springtime and Easter, that I take time to reflect and plan for the year ahead.

I find the Easter story inspiring, the archetypal pattern of re-birth, of letting go of old patterns and freshening and lightening-up, reminding myself of my own untapped potential and that of all the people around me: my partner, children, friends and colleagues.

Spring is the same, each year on my allotment I am amazed to see the first shoots of garlic and onions pushing through, literally transforming a seed into something real, tangible and useful (and tasty!).

How do I translate these muses into practical action?  A little while ago I came across a deck of cards called ‘free the genie’.  The Genie being the archetypal symbol of unexpressed potential, the cards give 55 ways to unlock your inner creativity and take some practical steps towards results.

Here are three examples pulled randomly from the deck:

Attend: Resolve your concerns – What are your biggest concerns about your newest venture? What suggestions do you have for resolving those concerns? “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Extend: Invent the Future – Imagine five years from now and your most inspired idea has become reality. Write – or tell – the news story describing your success.  “If you can dream it you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Connect: Position Yourself – if your hottest new idea were a baseball team, what positions need to be filled?  Who can you draft in to fill these positions in the next 30 days?  “Life is on the wire.  The rest is just waiting.” – The Flying Wallendas

I encourage you to reflect on your own untapped potential and unlock your inner genie.

One Comment on “Free the your inner Genie”

  1. […] places (walking the dog, cooking a meal or even while you’re asleep) and is really about freeing your inner Genie. Doing big work is also about making use of the cognitive surplus most of us now enjoy. In his book […]

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