Failure is an option

No one likes to fail. Fear of failing at something is what makes most of us not try in the first place; and yet…

Think about those time you did fail and once you got over the initial shock, shame, embarrassment or whatever, didn’t you come out of it a little bit wiser? Didn’t you feel that actually that wasn’t so bad and next time I’ll know what to do differently?

More importantly, when you really think about it didn’t failure drive some inner creative urge that you might not even have known you had?

Failure, in moderation at least, is good for all of us. Whilst we should not deliberately set out to fail we should at least strive to try different things occasionally and not worry so much about the possibility of failing. You might even learn something new?

As blogger and author Hugh MacLeod says

For me, it [failure] always inspired me to do better, somehow. I never gave up. So this kind of adversity-induced inspiration sorta became my “muse” after a while.

How is ‘failure’ going to inspire you to do better?’

3 Comments on “Failure is an option”

  1. One of the key principle in Design Thinking is “Fail early (and often)”.
    Remember the time when you’ve been a child. You just learned and expanded your experience by failures. “Don’t touch the oven as it is hot”. You touched it, and got to know what hot means.
    Unfortunately the upper management is often not strong enough to admit failures early enough. And it ends up in a disaster.

    Brilliant post with a short and true message! And brilliant blog at all!

    • Peter Cripps says:

      Thank you for your comment. Design Thinking is one of the central tenets of the way of the versatilist and something we will return to in our blog.

  2. […] Learn from their ‘mistakes’  (see Pete’s previous blog) […]

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